Striped Bass are our all time favorite from Spring till Fall. The Bluefish are abundant from the middle of May throughout the Summer and get really huge in Sept. through Nov. (from 10 to 20 lbs.), just in time for the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby, which is the oldest and largest tournament in the northeast. (picture above was Capt. Buddy and the 57-lbs. "Derby Winner" Striper). Fluke fishing is incredible from June throughout the summer, averaging from 2 to 10 lbs. and occasionally a doormat, like the 17.5 pounder that one of Capt. Vanderhoop's clients caught. The Scup (Porgy) and Black Seabass fishing is also superb. Shark fishing will be "on fire" starting July. The Offshore Big Game Fishing is phenominal, lots of Tuna (Yellowfin up to 150 lbs., Bluefin from 40 lbs. to 175 lbs., Longfin Albacore and Big Eye Tuna), White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo & Huge False Albacore (Albies) are all targeted at the canyons on the Tomahawk with amazing results. All three Tuna species and Dorado are profuse from July through the end of Oct.

This season the Tomahawk will be adding "Black Seabass" charters, starting as soon as the recreational season starts, sometime around the 24th of May. Each angler is allowed 20 fish so bring a descent size cooler with you and lets fill it with some of the best tasting fish in the ocean. Remember to book early because as soon as the weather starts to get nice my book fills up fast.

Let's look at our seasons' line-up:

Beginning of the Herring Run - Striped Bass start to come in.

Herring Run - Stripers everywhere, Bluefish will start to show up mid month.

Herring Run continues - Big Stripers up to 40 lbs. plus, abundant Bluefish, Fluke fishing begins, Black Seabass & Scup (Porgy) mix in.

July through September
Big Stripers continue, tons of Bluefish, doormat Fluke, Seabass. Offshore big game fishing - Yellowfin & Bluefin Tuna, Longfin Albacore, Bonito, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, with Huge False Albacore (Albies) mix in.
Monster Shark Tournament in late July sponsers by Boston Big Game Corporation.

The Fall Run - Everything just gets BIGGER and THICKER!
Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby (from Mid Sept. to late Oct.) - Stripers! Stripers! Stripers! Big Bluefish (10 - 20 lbs.) Offshore Tuna & Big Game continue through this month.

As the season ends - only the Biggest & Strongest remain HUGE Stripers, Giant Bluefish still available for the hardcore fishermen, sometimes well into December.